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Best Dental Procedures in Costa Rica


ALL ON 4 & ALL ON 6 Dental implants are the most advanced dental procedure for replacing missing teeth. They have the same look and feel of natural teeth.

Costa Rica Dental Implants
Dentures and Partials


Dentures are dental prostheses used to replace missing teeth. They are used in patients that have lost all or almost all of their teeth, due to disease or trauma.

Costa Rica Dental Veneers


You may have heard people talking about Full Mouth Reconstruction, Full Mouth Restoration Costa Rica, Full Mouth Rehabilitation or even a smile makeover.

Costa Rica Full Mouth Restoration
Crowns and Bridges


Dental Crowns are orthodontic structures that are used for reconstructing damaged teeth or replacing missing teeth. Crowns and bridges can restore your smile.

Crowns / Bridges


It's All About your SMILE. Dental Boutique

Sonría Dental Boutique

Sonría Dental Boutique aims to provide you with a dental experience like no other. We focus on creating a tranquil environment where you can relax – and feel confident that our trusted Costa Rica Dental Team will cater to all of your dental needs with the utmost care and attention to detail. One of the main reasons our dental patients choose our Costa Rica Dental Clinic is the quality of our Costa Rica Dental Implants procedures.

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Behind every dentist is a whole team of professionals - in both dental and non-dental areas - working to make the patient’s dental care a success. These are the people that make it possible for our Costa Rica Dental Team to focus on you and your needs.


Our bilingual team can speak with you in English and Spanish. Our Costa Rica dentists have studied in the best schools in Costa Rica, U.S and Europe. Our dental professionals skilled and certified in the most up-to-date techniques and dental procedures.


Let us help you Smile Again!

Dr. Oriana González

Prosthodontics & Clinical Director

Dr. González is the lead prosthodontist, director and leader of the team at Sonría Dental Boutique. She is one of the most respected prosthodontic specialists in Costa Rica and is skilled in the most advanced dental procedures.

Dr. Ernesto Barquero

Dental Implantology

Dr. Barquero is our specialist in dental implants, the most modern solution to missing teeth and full mouth restorations. These implants are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Leading dental implant specialist

Dr. Tatiana Madrigal


Dr. Madrigal is our periodontist. She helps to prevent, diagnose and treat gum disease. Since gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss in the United States, Dr. Madrigal is your ally in achieving a healthy mouth and teeth.

Dr. Monica Izrael


Dr. Izrael is our endodontist. She specializes in root canals, a procedure that allows natural teeth to be saved when their pulp becomes infected. Dr. Izrael works with patients to help save and restore their natural teeth, even when they have been badly damaged.


Get Motivated by our Patient Testimonials

This was a "Dental" adventure. I had an abscess on an anchor tooth holding a 25-year-old bridge. My dentist here gave me an estimate of $8,000 to repair the tooth and replace the bridge. He, also, was happy to inform me that if the tooth could not be repaired, a "post" (i.e., implant") would be needed. In addition, he kindly offered that there was one of the other teeth holding the bridge that looked none too good. That one may require a post as well. If all that came to pass the bill would be just under $16,000. So, "Crap", says I. I started looking for an alternate solution. After mucho research I found a specific dental office in Costa Rica that would do ALL the work for just at about $5,000. It is Sonria Dental Boutique located in a suburb of San Jose, Escazu. As Cyndy checks all of my research (and her research is definitely appreciated), she did her own analysis of Costa Rican dentistry. She arrived at the same result. (more…)

Dear Dr. Gonzalez, I am so excited that I came to you and Sonria Dental Boutique for my FULL mouth restoration. Your gentle, kind and thoroughly professional care leaves me speechless! Your focus and concentration level was most duly noted from the first appointment and carried through the entire process. Your methodical approach to my needs, 28 crowns, total bite overhaul, dimensions, everything was precisely calculated and carried through. Your entire staff is amazing starting with Dr. Adriana Chavez, who was kind enough to answer all of my questions, send me countless references and arrange my transportation. I was greeted at the airport with a ride to my hotel and all went well. The next day started with Esteban picking me up exactly as planned and he continued to provide this service throughout my entire visit. He went well beyond the call of duty and was extremely knowledgeable of the area, sites, etc. (more…)

My husband and I came to Sonria Dental Boutique for bridge and crowns work. I researched many dental clinic in Costa Rica. We chose Sonria for the personalized care and her attention to detail. The finished result for both of us were above our expectations. Thank you Dr. Oriana and your caring staff, a great experience. We can smile with confidence again. Sincerely,

When I came to Dr. Gonzalez I was ashamed of my smile. I was so insecure, I hated talking to people, and was afraid to smile. I was also very afraid to have any work done to fix it. The moment I entered her office that all changed. Her pleasant, reassuring presence took all the anxiety away. The work she did is beyond amazing & more then I could have ever dreamed for. Dr. Gonzalez has not only given me my smile back; she has brought my life back. Than You

Dear Dr. Oriana Gonzalez, I cannot wait to go to the dentist! Truly, this is a phrase I did not think I would ever have in my vocabulary. But today it is a true statement after meeting you. I am so happy with all the services performed at Sonria Dental Boutique. Sonria Dental Boutique provided exceptional services to my husband and me from the time we landed in Costa Rica from Houston, Texas. Prior to our departure, we received confirmation from Costa Rica Tours & Travel that you had arranged our transportation. We were met at the airport and taken to our hotel on Sunday afternoon where we settled in with anticipation of the dental work to be performed. Monday morning after breakfast, Esteban met us in the lobby and took us for the 3D scan at the Radiology Center. We were not dropped off and pointed in the direction; Esteban went in with us and stayed with us which was over and beyond. And, since we were not meeting with you until late in the afternoon, Esteban offered to take us into San Jose and show us the many sites, allowing us time for tourist shopping and a visit to the cathedral. Esteban was very knowledgeable; explaining the significance and history of many things.  K Moriarty – Houston, Texas (more…)

Dr. González, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful dental experience. Ever since I was a kid I have dreaded going to the dentist. The teeth cleaning and whiting Session I had at Sonria Dental Boutique was the most comfortable dental experience I have ever had. From the moment I walked through the door and you greeted me I felt relaxed. The design of reception area along with the lighting and artwork on the wall set me at ease. Oddly, the comfort level increased even more once we made our way to the exam room. Nora Jones singing softly in the background and a warm blanket wrapped around me carried on the feeling of peace… the wall of diplomas, certifications, and accolades didn’t hurt either. Greg Seymour (more…)

I had the best experience at Sonria Dental Boutique, everything was perfect. Dr. Oriana is amazing, she is gentle, professional and thorough and never rushes to get the work done quickly. I was comfortable with the headphones and watching TV on the ceiling while she worked. The warm neck pillow and blanket ensured I was comfortable. Dr. Ernesto was very professional and did a great job with my implants. You can tell that both doctors enjoy their work and want to make sure that your teeth are perfect. I loved the fact that I was the only patient here while they were treating me and was the center of attention. The detail with my teeth is amazing!! My teeth look gorgeous!!! I recommend Sonria Dental Boutique to all the people I meet here and I will continue to do it when I get back to the US. Thank you so much!! Debra Mulhollen – Virginia

Sonria Dental Boutique was a great choice for me to get some dental work done. Dr. Oriana was awesome, she explains each process to me, she had the gentlest hands. I’m so thankful I choose this establishment. I came in on Monday and again on Thursday and the outcome was just AWESOME!!! I would recommend everyone to choose Sonria Dental Boutique. This was my first visit to Costa Rica and it was with the friendliest people. I will tell all my friends and family to come. Thank you so much Dr. Oriana! Cinthia Sherrod

My case was evaluated and determined that I was a good candidate for dental implants. Due to the lack of bone mass I had bone grafts done, these were performed under local anesthesia. Implants were placed and after the bone grafted the crowns were placed. The Treatment and the quality of the work was the best. I would’ve not been able to afford this quality of work in the US. The care I’ve received at Sonria Dental Boutique is superior to any I’ve visited in Florida. I felt like a valued patient. This is in comparison to three dentist in a row (only two months apart) who treated me like a number and did dental procedures that caused me to develop serious dental issues. Dr. Gonzales is very sincere and truly cares about you the patient. The office was beautiful, very clean, very modern, state of the art equipment. She works with your likes and dislikes and makes a dental plan treatment that is realistic and easy to follow. Angelina – New York (more…)

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