Our Costa Rica Dental Team

Costa Rica Dental Team @ Sonria Dental Boutique

Sonría Dental Boutique’s reputation for excellence is based on our best-of-the-best professional staffing. All of our Costa Rica dentists have completed their training in the most prestigious dental schools in Costa Rica and abroad. They all have years of experience, and their skills are up-to-date as we support their ongoing training in the most advanced dental procedures and technology. In addition, each of our Costa Rica dentist team offer highly personalized care and custom dental solutions. They are committed to your complete comfort and clearly communicate in excellent English. Trust the Costa Rica Dental Team of Sonría Dental Boutique

Dr. Oriana González

Prosthodontics & Clinical Director

Dr. González is the lead prosthodontist, director and leader of the team at Sonría Dental Boutique. She is one of the most respected prosthodontic specialists in Costa Rica and is skilled in the most advanced dental procedures.

Dr. González is the heart of Sonría Dental Boutique and is committed to ensuring that every patient feels welcome and truly comfortable during their dental tourism visit.

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Dr. Ernesto Barquero

Costa Rica Dentist Sonría Dental BoutiqueDental Implantology

Dr. Barquero is our specialist in dental implants, the most modern solution to missing teeth and full mouth restorations. These implants are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Dr. Barquero is a leading dental implant specialist in Costa Rica and welcomes patients from around the world.

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Dr. Tatiana Madrigal

Costa Rica Dentist Sonría Dental BoutiquePeriodontics

Dr. Madrigal is our periodontist. She helps to prevent, diagnose and treat gum disease. Since gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss in the United States, Dr. Madrigal has proven to be a valuable ally in achieving a healthy mouth and teeth.

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Dr. Monica Izrael

Costa Rica Dentist Sonría Dental BoutiqueEndodontics

Dr. Izrael is our endodontist. She specializes in root canals, a procedure that allows natural teeth to be saved when their pulp becomes infected. Dr. Izrael works with patients to help save and restore their natural teeth, even when they have been badly damaged by infection or decay.

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