Zoom Whitening System

Zoom Whitening System in Costa Rica

Zoom-Whitening-SystemAt Sonría Dental Boutique, everything we do is dedicated to giving you a beautiful, vibrant smile. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing beautiful or vibrant about stained or yellow teeth. If you suffer from stained teeth, we’re pleased to offer an effective, affordable teeth-whitening solution with long-lasting results.

Over the years, the accumulation of substances on our teeth can cause them to lose their original color. This process—commonly referred to as “yellow teeth” — is aesthetically unpleasant, but it may also lead to disease or damage if left untreated.

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested procedures in cosmetic dentistry. At Sonría Dental Clinic, we specialize in the Zoom Teeth Whitening System.

Teeth whitening works by exfoliating stains from inside your teeth to bring them back to their natural color. This process involves the use of a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel, which is activated with a special ultraviolet light from a special Zoom lamp. During the whole process, your lips and gums are covered and protected. Zoom Teeth Whitening only takes three 15-minute sessions, and gives most patients a dazzling, white smile.

Zoom Whitening System is fast, safe, and produces the best results available on the market today.
Ask your dentist at Sonría Dental Boutique if the Zoom teeth whitening system is right for you or fill out the following form.

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